Liven up you living space with personalized wall art.

 Life size Wall art example
Customized canvas wall art.

We all want to decorate our house with wall art however to get wall art that we love is sometimes difficult.  No one wants to have the same wall art in their house than the next door neighbour or family and friends.  We can help you out.

Let’s turn your photos into art from the heart with personalized wall art. Give your favourite photos the attention they deserve by turning them into gorgeous personalized home décor.

Embellish your room and give it an atmosphere to your taste.

Refresh your interior by giving it style. Your relatives and friends will praise your immaculate good taste in interior design

Celebrate your style, hobby and family. Bring atmosphere and originality to your interior.

Add an authentic touch with fantastic personalized wall art and boost you home décor by giving your amazing images the treatment they deserve. 

A custom personalized sketch from a photo to a pencil drawing portrait is a unique gift idea.

A question we get a lot is: “I love the idea however which photos can I use?”

The short answer is any.


Use your wedding photos.  The photos are, hopefully, good quality because they were taken by a wedding professional photographer.

Your baby’s Newborn shoot photos – they don’t stay small for long.  This is a unique way to show off your baby’s beautiful photos.

Maternity photography session – Show off a milestone in your life.  What is more beautiful than a pregnant lady?

Your sexy lingerie shoot photos, you did for your partner.

The list is endless

You can choose from a wide variety of customization from pencil sketches to water painting or you can have you photos printed on gallery quality photo paper and framed as is.

Boudoir photography photo by Deidre Kok
Boudoir Photography – this photo was taken by Deidre Kok, the owner of All About Photos. Our studio is in Garsfontein, Pretoria East, South Africa
Boudoir photo shot by Deidre Kok
This is a sample of the customized wall art we offer. Colour pencil sketch.

Packaging and shipping can be arrange for local and international buyers.

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